Greetings, this is a blog dedicated to Runescape that I have been enjoying since Feb 2010. Additionally I will be roleplaying and doing asks as my Runescape character Raye Hawk. Sketches will also be submitted on here. Feel free to look around :).
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Regret of a Zarosian

The actions and the choices we make, are set in stone. We cannot change the past, only form the future. Done is done, and while regret is inevitable we have to make new paths for ourselves.
Believe in something, and even when doubt rises in your mind, hold on to what you believe in.
Don’t betray your friends.
But more important, don’t betray yourself.

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"Zaros is the god of control and fate. Also known as ‘The Empty Lord’, Zaros is the patron of the Ancient Magicks and Curses. Zaros wishes to be a great, all-knowing protector of the world, controlling our fates so that we can remain safe.  Zaros wants the world to fall to mortals, but he acknowledges that they are not safe without some rules or control; otherwise, everything will fall to chaos. So, he suggests that he watches silently, making checks and balances to ensure a ‘balance’ is maintained. He wants to become fate itself."

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Empty lord oooo

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New area

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ZAROOSSSS. Oh my god we finally see what he looks like XD 

(First is if you Dont support him in the quest, 2nd is if you do.) (i think)

i know what im doing!! YUS!

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Zaros is the only one of the young gods who didn’t ascend into godhood; he was always a god

why is everything about this guy terrifying

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Finally got 99 Firemaking, time to do cooking and then Summoning.

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*Sees Zaros concept art*